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Masters in creating a pleasant environment.

Your surroundings determine how you feel. That's what we believe, anyway. And that's why we want to work on a pleasant environment. At our office, in the factory, in our laboratory, but also in society around us. For our customers and the clients of our customers.

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After all, paint, lacquer and oil can be used to make the world around you more beautiful. You can do this simply by applying a new coat of paint with a pretty colour. It only gets better when this paint is made with good materials that are less harmful to the environment. Like our plant-based linseed oil. This can be harvested again every year, and is a lot cleaner than the usual petroleum. On top of that, you can use it to make beautiful authentic paints.

Of course, our company also has a pleasant atmosphere. We work to achieve great workplaces and - very importantly - collaborations with pleasant and professional people. This, too, contributes to a pleasant environment that makes you feel at home.

Finally, we try to add some more beauty to the surroundings of our company by sponsoring Art and Culture. After all, we consider Art and Culture part of the Fine Arts. They offer food for thought. Art and Culture widen your perspective and colour your opinion. And colour is what we're all about!

The people that make up RIGO Verffabriek

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For us, making paint is truly human work. That's something we're proud of. Which is why we can proudly state: RIGO Verffabriek is a platform created for and by craftsmen. Together, we realise the best products. Together, we make Masterpieces.

We are proud of our teams, each with their own speciality and craft: the laboratory, the technical consultants, the production department, the warehouse, the marketing department, the management, the administration, the sales team and all other parties that make up RIGO Verffabriek together.

That is why our website and our brochures always feature our own people. After all, who can explain what we make and how we make it better than our own craftsmen? And of course, in the end, your craftsmanship is needed to turn our products into a masterpiece. That way, we realise the greatest projects together.

And, if necessary, our technical consultants are always happy to offer you advice.

Add value through craftsmanship

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Everything for your Masterpiece. That is what we aim for. Improving our craftsmanship and that of our customers. After all, craftsmanship results in valuable things. Things that contribute to the economy.

We believe that our economy cannot just run on knowledge or consultancy, now, and especially in the future. Things simply have to be made. And not as cheaply as possible, but at a price appropriate to the labour put into the product. That way, every craftsman can turn his own knowledge and expertise into a valuable product, and receive a fair price in return.

Whether it's our paint and lacquer or the paintwork they are used for. A masterpiece always has value.

At RIGO Verffabriek, we make sure craftsmen can make masterpieces. By delivering good products, developing solutions and being available for good advice.

We rely on authenticity

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We believe that our society needs authenticity. Honest information, craftsmanship and valuable products. We want to stimulate and shape that development, because that is what feels right to us.

One of the ways we do so is by considering 'sustainability' a normal part of our products. Not just as an attractive marketing story. On top of that, we constantly develop our own craftsmanship instead of focussing on automation. Moreover, we don't believe our products should always be as cheap as possible. Instead, we believe we should make sound and valuable products. At a fair price.

Being miles ahead since 1938

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The name RIGO was derived from Gonda Ris, the wife of founder Henk van Westerhoven. Together, they founded the Verf Manufactorij RiGo in 1938. With Henk's paint expertise, Gonda's entrepreneurial spirit and their shared headstrong nature, they quickly distinguished themselves with smart, contemporary products.

In addition to the traditional paint products, they made Solveliet, based on the latest binding agents and marketed as ‘plastic paint’, as well as the scrub-resistant wall paint K.N.B. (an abbreviation of Kan Niet Beter (The Best You Can Get). The recipe for the smudge-proof white paste Altijgo (Altijd Goed) (Always Good) was developed, and that very same recipe is still used today. Their ambition was to use the latest technologies to make the best products of their time.

In the 70s, their sons Arnold and Robert entered the company. They too were driven to find ways to improve. By then, however, the awareness arose that the use of ‘plastic paint’ and petroleum was slowly exhausting the planet. As a result, they focussed on translating sustainability to products like Aquamarijn linseed oil paint and RigoStep water-based lacquers.

In 2010, Toon and Machiel, the sons of Arnold, took over the family business. They combine the technical progressiveness of Henk and Gonda with the sustainable ideas of Arnold and Robert, adding their own vision for craftsmanship and authenticity.

That way, RIGO Verffabriek has been miles ahead for three generations.

Roots in IJmuiden

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Ever since the first few litres, we've made all our paint in IJmuiden. A port city with beaches and fishing. Dunes and industry. A city with a go-getter attitude, where people say what they think.

IJmuiden is an exceptional location. It is situated between heavy industry to the North and the rugged dunes to the South. Between the wide North Sea to the west and the bustling metropolis of Amsterdam to the East.

All these extremes around IJmuiden lead to interesting tensions and an exceptional character.

IJmuiden does not just have nature or beaches, it also features industry and is a suburb of Amsterdam.

The same goes for RIGO Verffabriek, really. We're not just a flexible family business, but we are also a professional organisation with robust methods. And we don't only focus on technically sound products, but also on the beauty and inspiration of wonderful colours.

That just goes to show: you can never leave your roots behind.