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SKYLT Extra Topcoat 2K

Optional extra protection

Our lacquer production craftsmen looked for a way to retain the untreated appearance of substrates. The result of their quest is SKYLT. With SKYLT, wood stays purely wood.
To protect, preserve and enhance the natural appearance of SKYLT Original, we developed an optional finishing topcoat: SKYLT Extra #5300 Topcoat 2K. SKYLT Extra prevents gloss streaks, makes surfaces suitable for intensive use and is completely invisible. SKYLT, for those who love pure wood.

Unique features

  • Optional topcoat.
  • Provides extra protection to SKYLT Original #5510.
  • Preserves and enhances the natural appearance.
  • Makes surfaces suitable for very intensive use and prevents gloss streaks.
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  • Water-based 2-component polyurethane lacquer.
  • Optional topcoat.
  • Provides extra protection on SKYLT Original #5510.
  • Easy to process.
  • System: To be applied as a third layer over:
    - 1 layer SKYLT Primer #5020 + 1 layer SKYLT Original #5510.
    - 2 layers SKYLT Original #5510.


  • Preserves and enhances the natural appearance.
  • Makes surfaces suitable for very intensive use and prevents gloss streaks.
  • Easy maintenance with SKYLT Conditioner #9140.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.
Use indoors
Temperature during application 10-30 degrees
Humidity 40-80
Potlife 3 hours
Dust dry 1 hour
Recoatable roller 3 - 4 hours
Access surface 12 hours
Yield 12m2/l


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  • SKYLT Extra Topcoat 2K #5300
  • SKYLT Original #5510
SKYLT Extra Topcoat 2K #5300
Item no.ProductContentEANPacked in
5529493 SKYLT Extra #5300 Topcoat 2K 1,00 lt 8716544044562 bottle
5529489 SKYLT Extra #5300 Topcoat 2K 4,00 lt 8716544044579 jerrycan
SKYLT Original #5510
Item no.ProductContentEANPacked in
5529471 SKYLT Original 0,50 lt 8716544038097 Can
5529473 SKYLT Original 1,00 lt 8716544018730 Bottle
5529474 SKYLT Original 4,00 lt 8716544018747 Jerrycan

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What are gloss disturbances and what can I do about them?
How can I best maintain my SKYLT Extra #5300 Topcoat 2K and why is the (correct) use of SKYLT Conditioner #9140 so important?
What is a proper mopping method?
Can SKYLT Extra #5300 Topcoat 2K also be used over SKYLT Titanium #5550?

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Parquet craftsman Han of RIGO Verffabriek will tell you the best way to lacquer SKYLT. Tips from the master!


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